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Sep 10, 2012 8:00pm PDT
carranza? superintendent carranza: good evening, and i want to congratulate you on the "r's." they get better every evening. i want to congratulate all of our faculty staff, parents, and all of our schools for a smooth opening of schools. i think i had heard some parents refer to it as silky smooth. i was pleased and proud of what i saw. schools were welcoming. students were eager and ready to learn with their new backpacks and pencils, and teachers were energized and ready to go. of course, i did get to see some that were anxious about going to a new school. i did not see many kindergartners crying, but i did see a few parents. i can also relate. the first night, i rushed home that night to hear what she had to say about her first and middle school and was relieved to hear her thoughts on the day and her saying how much she liked middle school. congratulations. while everyone pitched in to make sure it was a smooth start, i want to thank a few departments. our construction -- instruction department, to make sure that we had textbooks, and i also want to set daisy. with the adoption do
Sep 25, 2012 6:00pm PDT
of education superintendent report. superintendent carranza your thoughts for the evening. >> great thank you president yee. ladies and gentlemen and all of our parents listening at home. i wish you a good evening. thank you for being here in the board room. just a few thoughts to share with you. we are coming upon a very special election in the next few weeks and people will have an opportunity to vote and as you're deciding on candidates and ballot measures to vote for i would like to draw your attention to proposition 30 and 38. with the understanding that if these prop propositions pass they have significant impact on funding. if neither one passes financial resources will be greatly diminished for schools in california and specifically here in san francisco. the lodge cuts include that we will be forced to shorten the school year by five days this year and nine days next year in addition to the substantial cuts that will be at school sites and for students. i want to encourage all of you to vote in the election. vote your witness but there's vote. the. >> >> schools of associat
Sep 8, 2012 5:00am PDT
welcome. sprint carranza -- superintendent carranza to his first official meeting as board superintendent of the san francisco unified school district and welcome as he assumes the position of deputy superintendent. >> thank you. >> let's see. would the student delegates quickly introduce yourselves. >> ok. >> my name is min wang, a senior at lowell high school. i'm really excited to work with everyone to change school ways for the better. thank you. >> hi, jaden braswell, a senior at balboa high school, i'm the interim student delegate until we have our s.a.c. elections on september 10. president yee: ok. so here we go. we'll go right through this first meeting. we never had any summer break. approval of the board minutes approval of tonight, the superintendent's report, called to superintendent carranza. your thoughts for the evening. >> thank you, president yee, members of the board, ladies and gentlemen, members of the public. it is just a great honor for me to welcome you all back for the 2012-2013 school year. i can tell you that the district has been abuzz over the s
Sep 18, 2012 11:30pm PDT
>> my name is richard carranza and i'm your superintendent and he couldn't be proud of all of you. [ applause ] we have some very, very special people who are here today who have invested a lot of time for us to have this opportunity to share this together. now i'm going to ask a couple of requests from you. first and foremost, if you have a cell phone, turn it off or put it on "vibrate." okay? turn it off or put it on "vibrate." the second thing i'm going to ask, i know how much fun it is to get on a bus and leave school, and go somewhere else and you are sitting next to your friends but this is where i'm going to get serious on you. we're coming together today and i said we're going to experience something together today. i mean that very seriously. we're going to experience a movie today that i think is going to touch each and every one of you. so as we prepare for what we're going to experience today, i'm going to ask you to please be very respectful of what you are about to experience and i want you to be very reflective and think about what does this have to do with me? ho
Sep 1, 2012 10:07pm PDT
will call on the superintendent for the awards. >> thank you, president yee. superintendent carranza: welcome to our meeting, president yee. i would like to welcome some to present our distinguished award recipient. >> good evening, everyone. it is my great pleasure -- pleasure to announce the distinguished award recipient, ms. amy yu. ms. yu is a first grade immersion teacher and was nominated by a parent at our school for her dedication to students and positive support of her colleagues, and she goes above and beyond to assure alders students learn in a meaningful way. she is affirming, funny, and innovative in your work with children. throughout the school year, she individualizes the instruction for each learner. and an example is she strategically balances things with learning in mind. at the kidneys immersion program, they often have a native speaker in the language, bilingual, and english only. by encouraging learning from others, in addition to her support, the students get a sense of accomplishment by helping each other. her strategy is a definite win- win for everyone. her
Sep 13, 2012 12:30pm PDT
on a second. superintendent richard a. carranza could you have somebody speak to miss green wood? >> yes. president yee, i am going to ask you to speak with my chief of staff lora moran so she can get your contact information and some details and then, we will make sure that somebody follows up with you first thing in the morning. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. so that is the end of the public speakers. we are going to go to k, advisory committee reports appointments to the committees by the board members. are there any tonight? >> the student delegate megan wong. >> i like to reappoint angelina way to (inaudible). >> are there any others? >> seeing none, let's move on to item m. discussion of other educational issues. called superintendent richard a. carranza this is the university of california san francisco science and health education partnership 2012 high school summer intern program. >> great, thank you, president yee. and i am so excited to see this. i like to invite katherine neilson and she will have the honor to introduce our special guest. in a brief intro i
Sep 13, 2012 12:00pm PDT
's thoughts for the evening. superintendent richard a. carranza. >> thank you president yee and good evening to all of our parents and community. the year is in full swing. and i would like to come mend and congratulate all of our schools for continuing to provide enhanced academic experiences for our students. there are a couple of updates regarding our school district that i would like to inform our community about. first of all, i would like to give you an update for the initial plan for grad modification at international studies academy. (inaudible) isa this means that we will not recommend a change for the grade spans for the school year, we will take the next several months to review the long range demographic projections and the variety of other factors including enrollment patterns and academic performance and other use of our building, this will allow us to come back to the board of education for spring that could result in changes for the 2014-15 school year, we welcome the communication with the ongoing change and keep you informed of all available meetings and informational sessi
Sep 26, 2012 9:30pm PDT
of this school year the pac members met with superintendent carranza to learn more about the district's initiative to support students and educators and to close the achievement gap. in our meetings last week the pac members talked about many issues that we could work on this year and we voted to identify the most important issues that we should address and pursue. the pac's requirity issues for this year are implementation of the district's family engagement plan including mechanisms for district accountability to families, parent and community engagement in the superintendent's zone initiatives and the bay view mission western edition and bernel heights communities. continuing our work in strengthening implementation of restorative practices, to improve school climates and reduce student suspensions and in fact in the coming week we have two conversations scheduled at visitation valley elementary school on friday and at sunnyside elementary school on monday to address and in fact discussion around restorative practices at those schools. ensuring that students are successful prepa
Sep 26, 2012 12:30pm PDT
carranza this is about the 2011-12 student achievement briefing. >> wait, wait -- >> [inaudible] >> yeah okay. >> i got the staring -- is this it? didn't have the title. that's why. so the next item is appointments to the child care planning and advisory council, c pack. is there a motion. >> so moved. >> is there a second? >> i second. >> reading of recommendation by superintendent or designee. >> thank you president yee. i will read this into the record is the recommendation that the board of education of san francisco unified school district appoint the following individuals to the child care planning and advisory council. sharon howell, jane evans, and ester adams. >> okay. so comments from the board? commissioner mendoza. >> thank you. so i'm just curious. i know who ester is but sharon howell and jane evans. is there background on either of these two? >> there's the representative, the president of c pac was on her way and be here in two minutes, so she's about the only one that can have the information. >> can we come back to this item. >> yeah. okay. so what i want to
Sep 1, 2012 5:37am PDT
. senior carranza, superintendent carranza, i think especially now, this is a really good time for you to take this as a priority in this district. so i'm going to challenge you as i challenge my students in chemistry to really take this up and make this a real priority. at mission high school, we're going to have two forums that we are going to do to actually invite the community to come and be part of this. we're going to invite families, families of students that go to mission now and families who had students that graduated from there in years past. we want them to know mission will always be their home. this is their family. this is their community. so we set two dates, september 7, which is a friday, and september 8, which is a saturday. and i'm cordially inviting you right now. i've already spoken to mr. eric gussert our principal and he supports this 100% as well. i know many of you do. so please come and talk to me. you know where i am. my room number is 303. i start on monday. i'll be in there every day from that point on with my students. so i would cordially invite all of y
Sep 3, 2012 12:30pm PDT
much. i'm going to ask superintendent's -- superintendent carranza to make a slight introduction here. superintendent carranza: we have had the pleasure of having susan b. our board liaison, and she was recently chief of staff, and being the talented person she is, she is going to be an executive director in our early education department, where she will really work with strengthening our after-school program and servicing many of our students, so we are very proud of this evening to introduce to you, and she is here doing this transition work, the doctor who will be taking over the board liaison duties, so if she can wave to our audience -- [applause] she will be a critical part for the school year, so welcome aboard. president yee: let's move on to item f, public and set on consent items. -- public comment on consent items. is there a second? commissioner: 2nd. president yee: before we do that, i actually skipped a step here. there is a speaker signed up for public comments. it is either dennis or susan. >> i am not usually confused with susan, but thank you for that compliment
Sep 29, 2012 4:30pm PDT
police department and your own superintendent of schools, richard carranza. and now i would like to welcome the mayor of city and county of san francisco. [ applause ] our very popular mayor of the city and county of san francisco, ed lee. [ applause ] absolutely as you know mayor lee has dedicated his entire professional life to public service and civil rights. before serving as our mayor he had important roles in city of government and served as the executive director of the san francisco human rights commission and he worked as an attorney for the asian law caucasus which is a very important organization in the bay area. throughout his career, his entire career, mayor lee has demonstrated an unwaivering commitment to the people of this great city and to our community. and he honors us with his presence here today. ladies and gentlemen, mayor ed lee. [ applause ] >> hello everybody ! >> hello. ?2<&8.k,vr u.s. attorney melinda haigh for that wonderful introduction and richard carranza and mr. hirsch, but the no. 1 thing we care about you, we care about and your future and whe
Sep 8, 2012 11:30pm PDT
eliminado por problemas de presupuesto, betty carranza nos dice que el gobernador del estado apoya la iniciativa que ahorrarÍa millones. >>> canden, nueva jersey, estarÍa con una de las mayores tasas de criminalidad, pero el gobierno eliminara su departamento de policÍa debido a recortes en el presupuesto municipal. >>> no queremos hacerlo, que presentemente la cantidad de policÍas que tenemos cos cuesta un promedio de mÁs de 45 millones de dÓlares. >>> su alcaldesa y gobierno decidieron disolver, para remplazar por la policÍa condal. >>> este proceso pondro carellos les y el y el costo va a ser lo mismo. >>> cflneo apto el proyectos dicen que ahorrarÁ millones de dÓlares de los concreen que no es na el y he va a ser el crimen. >>> en un anÁlisis, canden tuvo la mayor tasa de crÍmenes en el paÍs, con mÁs de 3 mil mil por precisamente. y hace lseo dÍas en esa ciudad, un niÑo fue degollado y su erbana de denii velas autoridades dicen que se puede tratar de un hombre que consumÓo drogas y entro a la casa. >>> solo el 49% serÍa dividido, la suerte dependeria de las necesi
Sep 17, 2012 4:00pm PDT
do have two carranza statistical reports in your pocket. the june statistics are in the otc second quarter report. i will not discussed in this evening unless you have questions. i will briefly discuss occ activity in july and august and i will dial back to the second quarter. from july 1 to june 30 of this year, the assisi's 6 -- opened 61 cases, four fewer than were opened in july. on july 2012, the investigators closed more cases than they opened. as of july 30, july 31, the occ had 321 pending cases. as of now they have 318 cases as opposed to 321 last year. we have 100 bus pending cases -- 100 less pending cases. in terms of mediation, it was a slow mediation month. we only mediated to cases that to a% of the cases we close in july, nine officers were voted radiation -- remediation and they declined. we will keep an eye on this an d find out if there is some issue. we sustained four in jul of allegations. in terms of the adjudication, there were no adjudications in july. in july and early -- our outreach mediation coordinator discussed our reach -- outreach. we staffed a table
Sep 24, 2012 3:30pm PDT
what do you and thank you for supporting the students. >> superintendent richard a. carranza. >> i could not say it better than the students. so thank you. >> i would be remiss if i did not also thank and recognize the work of orlando elesando who straddles in a joint position. but it is really to his hard work that we are making more of these opportunities a reality for many of our students and i think that this is a very innovative way to really leverage the work of our communities in our schools and give our students like for the future dr. stewart the opportunity to really excel in the science, and technology and engineer and math. so thank you. >> okay, let's move on to item n. consent calendar resolutions. from the previous meeting. for a second? it was there is none tonight. and i must skip all wait down to r. i have to get q, first. sandra yis proposals. first reading done tonight. item r, board members proposal first reading, keeping our students safe no texting while driving pledge day. >> lee? >> yes. >> thank you. >> wo ng? >> yes. ferer. >> yes. >> medonza. yes. >> wyn
Sep 26, 2012 1:00pm PDT
] >> thank you superintendent carranza and other staff members that presented the wonderful news. any comments from the board? commissioner maufas. >> thank you president yee and thank you all for the pretty jam packed full of information presentation. what i would like to ask is knowing that we have come this far and we have been working quite intensely over the last few years -- particularly since i have been on the board and really knowing the work that i of focused on, i would like to know how are we -- you know, how are teachers bringing this work about? and administrators in school sites? and this is a really ongoing question because this is an ongoing presentation where you update us. i would like not only to hear from you now but in the future this sort of discussion point incorporated into the presentation because they're integral to the process, and what are the changes that they of able to implement? because a lot of this -- a lot of our issues from my perspective comes from an institutionalized way of delivering education and it's so long engrinned in ssz that the ach
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 57 (some duplicates have been removed)